About Us

At BarCamp you won't be handed an agenda of topics and speakers, have awkward introductions with business cards exchanged, or feel the uncomfortable instinct that you may be underdressed. What you'll find is a quirky engineer talking about his new talking robotics platform he's designing, a web developer discussing the pros and cons of the new Swift programming language, or a typography enthusiast elating over the importance of hand-lettered designs in today’s culture of standardized fonts.

Barcamp is for you, the curious. It is a user generated conference where the speakers are every day, salt-of-the-earth people talking about the topics that interest them most. The talks aren't planned until the morning of the conference, and anyone attending can speak on a topic of their choosing. Not ready yet to take the stage yourself? No problem. Just sit back, attend the talks that most interest you, and soak it all in.

It's an eclectic interaction among creative, technology and entrepreneur, and we invite you to jump in.

March 3

BCS Building
UNI Campus



Keynote Speakers

Therese Stevens

COO of BraceAbility.com

Scotty Russell

Owner of Perspective-Collective

Nick Cash

Software Client Architect at Jam City

Session Ideas

BarCamp has no set agenda until attendees arrive the morning of the event. We'll have a board where you can sign up for a 20-minute time slot to present your topic. Still not so sure? Lots of people don't decide on a topic until arriving that day. Need a little inspiration? Check out the ideas below:

  • Discuss a book you recently read and the impact it had on you
  • Lead/start a group discussion on inspiring or influential books
  • Talk about a new technology you are using
  • Discuss a new creative technique or tool
  • Share the source of your inspiration and/or how you generate new ideas

The possibilities really are endless. Need some more ideas? Check out some topic suggestions from this Quora discussion.

One final note. There's one thing a session should definitely not be: a sales pitch. But you knew that already, right?

Event Schedule

Doors Open/Breakfast

Provided by UNI Innovation Incubator



30 minutes per session



Provided by Greater Cedar Valley Alliance

Event Partner

Event FAQs

Have you even been reading, silly? It's Saturday, March 3rd at the BCS Building on the UNI Campus. Doors open at 8 a.m. The full agenda is above.
What kind of question is that? Of course there will. (On Friday evening at our pre-party, that is.)
Seriously? Did you not read anything? The cost is $15, with an early bird price of $10 before February 14. Thanks to our awesome sponsors, that gets you a t-shirt (limited supply), coffee, mid-morning snack, and lunch.
This is our favorite part... you can talk about anything! Anything you're passionate about, anything you want to share with others, anything you have bouncing around your brain.
Each session is 20 minutes. Speakers can fill the time however they'd like. Half presentation, half discussion; 100 percent discussion, three-fourths presentation, one-fourth discussion - you get the picture. BarCamp is supposed to encourage participation and engagement, so we encourage you to encourage attendees to get involved.
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Event Location

Business and Community Services Building, UNI Campus
Email: barcampcv@gmail.com